| 2011 February
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February 2011

20 Feb Web Design Tips 01 (Podcast)

By Paul Barrs Welcome to a brand new series, web design quick tips, this is part of our Business Management and Training QuickTips Series – Each of these audios will be short, and easy to digest; the longest in the series is only 7 and a half minutes. My hope for you is that you’ll take notes, review your own website and then take ACTION where need be. Yes, put them into ACTION! Without writing up a checklist and then “checking” that checklist, none of these will have any value whatsoever. Today’s audio is about always making sure you’ve got something of value to offer; and while this is not specifically a ‘web design tip’, is a web business tip – and a ripper at that. If you want your customers to respond favorably to your offers, then listen to today’s audio.
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17 Feb Want to Start Your own Web Design Business?

Thinking of starting your own web design business, or already established in your freelancing business and maybe just looking to make more money? Then great! You have come to the right place. This web design business startup kit was essentially put together for freelancers like you that...

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