| 2010 February
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February 2010

26 Feb Product Creation Secrets 2: What to do with a Product Idea Once You Have It

Product Creation Secrets Pt 2 (Article) By Paul Barrs. Once we get started in business, whether we want them to or not, new product ideas begin to come to us from literally ‘out of the blue’. That’s OK, it’s a part of the way that our inner “creative mind” works and a reflection of our own personal growth as our conscious mind learns more and more about our chosen task and business arena. However, while there seems to be a plethora or information available online telling us how to develop our products, there’s a distinct lack of information showing people how to develop product creation ideas! And that’s what this article will explore. First up, I have to assume that you make a recorded note of all product creation ideas that come to mind, or at least have them noted down on some kind of card system – because that’s step one.

Product creation is more than just having a thought.

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25 Feb Product Creation Secrets 1: How Not to Lose a Good Product Idea

Product Creation Secrets Part 01 (Article) - By Paul Barrs. I don’t know about you, but over the years I must have had dozens and dozens (if not a hundred or more) good product creation ideas that have never been born into life. You know the kind I mean, you’re out and about somewhere, no where particular, and this idea almost miraculously pops into your head from totally out of the blue. Ever had that happen? Maybe you were at a friend’s place for coffee, or at the shops. Maybe at the beach or the cinema or wherever… and wherever it is you don’t have the time nor opportunity to ‘work on it’ so you store it in the memory banks for future use. Now, if you’re lucky, you’ll remember enough to let it play around a while in your mind and have the chance to refine it a little, maybe question it, think of a few joint ventures and promotion ideas. If you’re real lucky you’ll even write a few of these down.

It's all about good product creation....

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