| Motivational Wallpapers and Quotes from Jim Rohn
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Motivational Wallpapers and Quotes from Jim Rohn

15 Aug Motivational Wallpapers and Quotes from Jim Rohn

I love the power of motivational quotes. I love it how they inspire you. I love it how they challenge you. This past week I created three powerful desktop wallpaper images for my laptop with deep quotes from two of my favorite thought mentors, Jim Rohn and Bruce Lee.

This quote says it all, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of constantly applying basic fundamentals.” Essentially, the Foundations of Success are found in the basic fundamentals that we apply each and every day, NOT in some magical ‘push-button’ platform or some ‘newly revealed secret’. No, Success is much easier than you think.

Give yourself time to consider how you might apply such things to your business. Download and save these to your desktop. And enjoy!

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