| How To Start A Web Design Home Business
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How To Start A Web Design Home Business

09 Mar How To Start A Web Design Home Business

About a year and a half ago I recorded a simple video titled “How to Start a Web Design Home Business”. Nearly 10,000 views later this has become my most watched Youtube video to date. Incredible considering it’s simplicity.

In this short video (running under 10 mins) you’ll lean a step by step process towards actually “setting up” your own web design home business. Will you need some skills to accomplish that? Of course. Nothing comes free on it’s own – but with this video you’ll soon see that even those “skills” are not out of reach.

And just in case you were wondering; in the last 4 weeks I’ve banked $3,700 in the last 4 weeks from doing EXACTLY what is outlined in this video… add that to the rest of my business and you’ve got a nice living. If you’d like to know more, you’d be wise to listen.



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