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Facebook Content | Content Scheduling

04 May Facebook Content | Content Scheduling

What are the rules for Facebook content scheduling? How often and “what” should we post to Facebook? This video explains.

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G’day there folks. Paul Barrs by signing in for another YouTube update, and today we are talking about Facebook and Facebook content scheduling.

Now as you can see, I’m not in my normal location back in the office. I actually got some time off at the moment, a bit of work, a little bit of play down on the Gold Coast here in Queensland, Australia. Enjoying staying actually with some of my clients, the Dorchester On The Beach at Surfers Paradise.

The view might change the light up. I haven’t brought my studio lights with me. Well, that’s fair enough, but I figured it was nice having some of the view, the beaches behind me, because we are right on the sand, and I’ll show you some just at the very end.

But in the meantime, Facebook and content scheduling. Now in the previous video we talked about the basics for business with Facebook. That’s all good.

Now, it’s important, I’m sure you know that we have to continually be sending out new content through our social media. I mean that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it, to engage people, to get them interested, to have them coming back.

So with that in mind, first of all I’m really hoping that you’ve got a blog, a blog that you regularly post to good, relevant information for your readers. Your blog on your website serves two primary purposes.

  1. Number one, it is build trust. It is to build your expertise. It is to increase your authority in the eyes of the customers. That’s the most important thing.
  2. Secondly, it’s great from an SEO point of view, creating from your blog post good internal links within your website. Incredibly important.
  3. Thirdly, is the social media aspect. Everything that you do in your blog should be going out to social media. That’s not just Facebook. It’s all your different areas of social media.

Here is where we come to Facebook being a little bit different. I found this from my own personal experience. I used to use Hootsuite. Also I’ve tried Feedly and various scheduling things that others have told me about, to just schedule our content. Of course, we do that because, well, it saves us time, doesn’t it?

We write a post. Bang. We just auto schedule everything out at random intervals or set times. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But the whole point of doing that isn’t just to get crap out. It’s to get engagement and users back in.

So I have tested a few different things on Facebook and have found that by using Facebook’s scheduler, instead of just through Hootsuite for example, that I seem to get better engagement. Instead of just posting the link and letting Facebook pull its own description, title, and everything, and then just posting that, what I do is I post a few lines as the description. Then I attach an image from the post and then the link.

Putting the link in after the image stops Facebook from replacing that with its own. I found that because basically there it appears to be a post with an image getting better engagement again.

So that leads me then to two other things. Number one is all of my content is scheduled through Facebook and the others yes, but through Facebook individually using the internal, administrative Facebook scheduler. I do this or should I say my VA does this all in advance, allowing me to then go back in and edit that content very quickly. I have a glance, I make notes and make changes when I can and where I feel necessary.

So that’s how it works from a process point of view.

Now aside from that, what do we actually want to be sending out? Here’s the instructions that I have given to my VA when it comes to doing this. It’s a system of four different types of content.

Number one is about 30%. Thirty percent of the content that goes out to all of my social media is my content. I want it to come from my website or from my YouTube, but my YouTube videos end up on my website, so therefore my blog posts on Facebook. To bring traffic back, that’s the goal. It’s informational. It’s informative. It’s educational.

Then another 30% comes from other people’s blog posts, from other people’s websites. Informational, educational, not just me.

Then, another 30%, which brings us up to 90, this is promotional content. So I have got 60% between myself and others of non-promotional, informational, educational content.

Then 30% promotional. Usually, in my case, it’s going to be from my workshop, or it could be for some individual product offers or a special something that I’m making and reaching out to people.

However that works into your business, it’s not just promote, promote, promote. No, it’s not just that. It’s a range of all.

And then the final 10% that’s left over, that’s fluffy cats and kittens. That’s the stuff which is inspirational. That’s the stuff which is funniest on a Friday or something like that.

So it’s a very simple formula, which allows you to get engagement and give engagement to your viewers. Well look, it works. That’s all I can say.

It works incredibly well, not just for me, but I’ve seen this working out for others time and time and time again.

So that’s my word for today when it comes to Facebook and Facebook scheduling. As we look at the next couple of videos throughout the rest of this month, we’ll get more into running advertising campaigns and looking at promoted posts and things along the way.

So that’s it. I’m getting back to my holiday. I’m just looking around here, thinking, oh boy, I’ve just got to go down and hit that beach. Let me show you what I’m looking at just here. Here we go. As we come down, this is Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. I’m staying at the Dorchester On The Beach at Surfers Paradise. Look at that. How magnificent is that? And this place, as far as somewhere to stay, absolutely beautiful.

So that’s it from me folks. You have a fantastic day, and I’ll talk to you again real soon. Bye-bye.

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