| How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page
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How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page

22 Feb How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page

A Facebook business page is not just nice to have, it is an indispensible part of any successful online marketing plan. And like other online marketing strategies, Facebook trends are always changing. Some changes seem to be for the better and others not so much. But savvy marketers know their job is to keep up.

There are really only five steps to creating a Facebook business page:

1)      Choose a category and page name

2)      Select a profile image

3)      Add some “About” information

4)      Choose a memorable Facebook URL

5)      Pick a cover photo that will help with branding and add content

Creating the Page

Facebook business pages can be created under such classifications as:

  • Entertainment
  • Brand or product
  • Company, organization, or institution
  • Artist, band, or public figure
  • Cause
  • Local business or place

These categories, or classifications, are used to help sort Facebook business pages. Choosing an appropriate classification helps the page rank more quickly for relevant searches. In addition, this ensures that information and promotional fields on the page will be more closely related to the page content provided.

Facebook page creation also includes uploading a page icon, company logo, and basic business information. This sort of information should be given some thought. Generic names don’t tend to do very well in rankings, but on the other hand, neither do names that are “spammy” in nature.

thinkingChoosing the name of a Facebook business page can be is as important as choosing a domain name or the name of a product or service. If the Facebook URL or “username” is not the same as the business name, it should be reflective of what the business does or represents. The name should be memorable.

The main page also provides an “About” section that allows space for the business owner to describe the company and link to the company website. This is a brand-building opportunity. It should not be wasted.

The Admin Panel

The Facebook business page is managed through the admin panel. The admin panel puts the page owner in control of the page. This page offers various features that allow the owner to update information, edit the page, and even manage the roles of page administrators.

Add Content

The purpose of the Facebook page is to engage the reader and build traffic, with an ultimate goal of making sales. This is accomplished using various methods, but a page without content is not likely to gain the interest of anyone. The page should be filled with interesting content before it is promoted.

This will help ensure readers will stick around when they do come to see what the fuss is all about. As the content grows and the interactions increase, more invitations or promotions should be considered. The idea is to create a buzz that spirals.

SEO Counts

Keywords are always important when it comes to online content, and Facebook business pages are not exceptions to this. Keywords should be used strategically in the development of the page.

Links coming into the page from a blog, website, and even from other social networking accounts will help the page rank better. Whenever appropriate, adding links from blog posts can be a helpful way to promote the Facebook page.

Creating Facebook business pages is the easy part of the process. The hard part is creating an engaging environment that keeps readers returning again and again. When that is mastered, the entire process becomes simple, and the readership grows exponentially.

Debbie Allen is a freelance writer that enjoys writing about online marketing strategies and sharing tips from One of her favorite pastimes is reading other people’s blogs.


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