| 6 Tips to Take an Interest in Pinterest
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6 Tips to Take an Interest in Pinterest

04 Apr 6 Tips to Take an Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is truly taking the internet by storm. Millions of users currently use it to keep track of and share their favorite things. This unique site is more than just for fun though – smart businesses can use it to bring in new customers. We’ve compiled the 6 most important tips to help you reach the most new customers.

1. Keep it Simple

One of the reasons that Pinterest is so popular is because it’s a very simple site. All pictures are the same size and everyone uses it in the same way. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to try and make their presence more complicated than necessary. Stick with what works for Pinterest and it will work for your company. Keep your page clean and simple. Each photo you pin should have a single link back to your site. That’s all it takes.

2. Connect All the Dots

A successful online marketing plan should include all the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and of course Pinterest. But make sure you aren’t using these medias separately. Each of your sites should have links to the others. For example, once a week remind your Facebook fans that you’re on Pinterest. Your main webpage should have links to all your other sites so customers can keep up to date. You don’t want to overdue the cross-marketing, but you do want to take maximum advantage of each.

3. Find a Way to Be a Match

Remember that most people visit Pinterest to get recipes, learn about new interior design options, and to discover do it yourself crafts. Your company doesn’t necessarily need to fall into any of these categories, but you do need to find a way to be relevant to these demographics. Discover the best way to be a match and you’ll fit in seamlessly. For example, if your company sells business cards, you could focus on business cards for home crafters.

4. Execute a Theme Idea

There are two goals when you use Pinterest. First, you want to get users to your board. Next, you want to keep them coming back. Having an ongoing theme is a great way to achieve both goals. For example, your theme might be “The Week’s Best Cuban Recipe,” or a “Daily Custom T-Shirt Design Pin.” Users who are interested will check back regularly to see the new themed pin.

5. Don’t Make it All About Your Company

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to pin only about their company. After all, that’s what they’re there to promote. However, you’ll find that users quickly lose interest when they know your board is only about your business. Find other relevant things to pin – even if they occasionally point to the products of other companies. Yes, you want to sell your own products, but you’ll find much more success if you have plenty of people visiting your board regularly.

6. Build Strong Relationships

When you’re first getting started, take some time to find out who the ‘big hitters’ are on Pinterest. Follow them and be active on their boards. This will get your site in front of more eyes, and will help users to know you’re legitimate. The more people who see you, the more traffic you’ll get.

Using Pinterest effectively isn’t as simple as signing up and pinning something once a week. It may take some time to build a following and it make take some time to discover the best niche to focus on, but once you do you could see a huge increase in traffic to your website.


Guest Author Tracey Sharp writes on a variety of topics, including how to help consumers find internet providers in their area.

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